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believes that good governance sets the foundation for success. In all our efforts, we seek to work well, and that starts with how we manage our own business. The governance principles we practice today were built on the Code of Business Conduct, established more than 35 years ago.

Code of Conduct

's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is the foundation for specific practices, policies and guidelines that determine how we conduct day-to-day business, and it remains 's cornerstone.

It calls all employees to help:

  1. Manage according to the highest business, ethical,
    moral and civic standards as a public company
  2. Operate in a manner that earns the respect of our
    shareholders, employees, communities, customers, suppliers and all others with a stake in our success
  3. Make a top-performing company, managed for the long-term benefit of all our constituents.

To help ensure that the Code remains our cornerstone, every employee, worldwide, receives a copy of our Code when they join ; the Code is available in multiple languages for employees. Read the full text of 's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (ʶٹ).

For questions regarding 's Code of Business Conduct & Ethics or to raise any concerns regarding employee misconduct, please contact the Office of Business Conduct and Ethics at or +1-763-656-5500.

Resources & Downloads

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

's performance and reputation are rooted in the principles the Code embodies.

Translated Versions:

Governing Practices

Some of our governing practices include:

  1. A strategic Board made up of a majority of independent directors.
  2. An independent Chairman of the Board David Jones, who serves as a direct liaison with management.
  3. Direct access by the Board to independent advisors and experts.
  4. Routine executive Board sessions without management present.
  5. Direct responsibility of Audit & Finance Committee for the retention and supervision of our external auditors.
  6. Audit & Finance Committee oversight of our internal auditors.
  7. A Code of Business Conduct and Ethics annually affirmed by our employees.
  8. An anonymous hotline available to all employees for reporting compliance or other concerns.
  9. EU Whistleblower Notice:
    English | Dutch | Danish | French | German | Italian
  10. Related Person Transactions Policy (PDF) to ensure independence and the absence of transactional conflicts.
  11. Political Contributions Policy (PDF) to ensure that corporate financial contributions are consistent with our core values while protecting and enhancing stakeholder value.
  12. View 's Political Contributions Reporting (PDF)
  13. View 's UK Tax Strategy (PDF)
  14. View Human Rights Policy:
    English |Chinese | Dutch | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Portuguese | Spanish
  15. View California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Statement (PDF)
  16. View 2023 Modern Slavery Act and Human Trafficking Statement (PDF)
  17. ViewReport regarding Canada’s Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (PDF)

Audit and Finance Committee

Assists the Board with oversight of accounting and financial reporting processes and audits of financial statements.

The members of the Audit and Finance Committee are Michael T. Speetzen (Chair), Mona Abutaleb Stephenson, Melissa Barra, Tracey Doi and Gregory E. Knight.

Audit and Finance Committee Charter (PDF)

Compensation Committee

Sets and administers policies that govern executive compensation, including setting the Named Executive Officers' compensation.

The members of the Compensation Committee are T. Michael Glenn (Chair), Theodore L. Harris, David A. Jones, and Billie I. Williamson.

Compensation Committee Charter (PDF)

Governance Committee

Identifies individuals qualified to become Directors. Recommends nominees to the Board for election at annual meetings of shareholders. Oversees public policy matters and compliance with the Code of Conduct.

The members of the Governance Committee are Billie I. Williamson (Chair), Theodore L. Harris, T. Michael Glenn, and David A. Jones.

Governance Committee Charter (PDF)

Corporate Governance Principles

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