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More Light. More Pool Time.

A beautifully lit pool creates more than ambiance. underwater pool lights cultivate an inviting backyard oasis where you can splash the night away. Who said pool time ends when the sun goes down?


More Light. Less Power.

Our LED pool lights produce a bigger wow with fewer watts.


Choose Your Mood

Our variety of lighting solutions open a new spectrum of nighttime pool possibilities.


Stay Connected

Control your pool lighting from anywhere using a automation system.

Enjoy a Nighttime Swim as Much as a Daytime Pool Party

brings quality pool light technology to help provide a brighter, more even-lit-up pool paradise for all to enjoy.

Light Up Your Pool

The variety of pool lights can light up your pool to create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

Pool & Spa Lighting

Pool & Spa Lighting illuminates your pool with high-quality LED lighting, featuring dazzling multi-color or white output that covers larger pool areas.

  • Key light source for inground pools
  • Full pool illumination to cover larger pool areas
  • Get more light using less power with energy-efficient LED technology
  • Easily upgrade old incandescent fixtures with energy efficient white or multi-color LED fixtures


Our Compact Lights provide flexible lighting solutions to illuminate an entire pool or to highlight a pool's features in smaller or shallow spaces.

  • Highlights a pool's sun shelves, curves, steps, swimout areas and more
  • Shorter fixture depth allows for more flexibility and additional illumination
  • Multiple small lights provide flexibility to independently control lighting over different pool zones
  • Available in cool white, warm white or multi-color lights; choose from 5 brilliant colors or adjust to 7 dynamic color-changing light shows to suit any pool mood*

Illuminated Water Features

Illuminated Water Features deliver personality and movement to a pool, deck or spa with sounds to compliment your poolside.

  • Adds aesthetically pleasing sights and soothing sounds to poolscapes
  • Brings pools to life by adding movement for visual flow
  • Compliments pool features like sun shelves, steps, beach entries and fountains
  • Available in white or multi-color; choose from 5 brilliant colors or adjust to 7 dynamic color-changing light shows to suit any pool mood*

Disclaimer: *Appearance of color and white LED light may vary between various models of lights. Appearance and perception of pool lighting may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the particular model of light, the location/depth/angle of the light’s installation, pool finish/material, pool depth/shape/geometry, ambient light sources, subjective factors and more. For best results when using multiple lights, use all the same model and do not mix multiple models of lights within a single installation.

A Three-Peat so Sweet

Pair three great products together for a powerful 3-year extended warranty that covers all three products.

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Illuminate Your Backyard Oasis with LED Pool Lighting

Installing or upgrading to LED pool lights can help improve visibility and energy efficiency, while elevating your pool's ambiance. Discover these four ways LED pool lights can enhance your backyard oasis.

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