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Smart, Sustainable Water Solutions

Leading with the needs of both our customers and our communities, creates dependable solutions necessary to help deliver the future of reliable, accessible, clean water.

  • A global leader in UL/FM fire protection pumps and systems in the commercial and industrial building markets. Learn More
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    Aurora offers one of the broadest lines of listed fire protection solutions. Built to exacting industry and quality standards, our expertise ensures the best fitwith each customer application. Aurora delivers performance, proven reliability and long-term durability.

  • A complete line of composite multiport valves, controllers and accessories with advanced features. Learn More

    The complete line of Autotrol composite multi-port valves, controllers and accessories provide the advanced features that end-users are looking for and the reliability and value that dealers require. Autotrol valves cover a wide range of applications, either softening or filtration for residential, commercial or industrial markets, making it a brand of choice for water treatment professionals around the world

  • An industry leader that provides pump solutions for the agricultural and residential markets. Learn More
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    Berkeley provides water supply solutions for crop irrigation, livestock watering and residential water flow requirements. Since 1937, Berkeley has stood for uncompromised quality, proven reliability and efficiency and delivered comprehensive, efficient solutions that save our customers time and money.

  • High quality pressure vessels for membrane-based water treatment in various applications. Learn More

    Codeline is the global standard in pressure vessels and is recognized for its high quality, smart product portfolio and market changing innovations such as the Quick Lock and OCTA. Our superior pressure vessel technology helps you to maximize the performance of your water treatment and purification systems.

  • Provides proven residential, foodservice, and commercial filtration and water treatment solutions. Learn More

    Since 1933, Everpure has been one of the most trusted global brands in the foodservice industry and those who serve it. Our proven solutions help to protect water at your home and where you work. From premium quality ingredient water for foodservice; fresh, clean, drinking water at home or away; or treated water for the whole home, Everpure delivers peace of mind and water you can trust.

    1. Learn More about Residential Applications
    2. Learn More about FoodService Applications
  • Offering pumps and pumping solutions for critical infrastructure and industrial applications globally. Learn More

    With a history spanning more than 100 years, Fairbanks Nijhuis provides a comprehensive portfolio of configured and custom-engineered pumps and turbine solutions. Our depth of hydraulic expertise, innovative products and professional service reliably meet the growing global demand for efficiency and sustainable water solutions.

  • A leader in technology and innovation with a proven record of performance and reliability. Learn More
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    Fleck Controls, Inc. was founded in the U.S. in 1950. In 1995 Fleck was acquired by , the world leader in high technology flow control products providing innovative solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Fleck products have a legacy of high-quality and innovative products.

  • A leader in residential water management products with a range of products for water movement and storage. Learn More

    Flotec is one of the most widely available retail pump brands in the United States. From large home improvement stores to smaller local hardwareretailers, Flotec is best known for its quality and performance with anextensive selection of sump pumps, sewage pumps, utility pumps, jet pumps,sprinkler pumps, pool pumps, submersible well pumps, pressure booster, and tankproduct lines.

    Learn moreabout Flotec applications

  • Reliable dust collector cleaning systems components for many industrial applications. Learn More

    Goyen Mecair is a market leader in reliable dust collector reverse pulse cleaning components. We develop and produce high quality, widely-certified products, from pulse jet valves and pulse cleaning controllers to fully certified and custom-engineered header tank solutions, with or without full immersion valves.

  • Technology leader in quality control equipment & CO2 recovery equipment for the brewing and beverage industry. Learn More

    Haffmans supplies quality control equipment, microfiltration and carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery systems for the brewing and beverage and bioethanol industries.

    1. Learn more about our Haffmans applications
  • An innovative spraying pumps, nozzles, and accessories for agriculture and industrial applications. Learn More

    Since 1947, Hypro has helped farmers to feed the world through sustainable and eco-friendly spraying solutions. Our highly engineered products, technological expertise and exceptional customer support help our customers deliver sustainable, precision farming.

    Learn More About Our Hypro Applications

  • Delivers waste water pump solutions to the North American commercial, municipal and industrial markets. Learn More
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    Since 1959, Hydromatic pumps have delivered reliable and efficient submersible pumps to the wastewater industry. Our capabilities in research and development, customer-certified testing, and production quality assurance standards give customers the confidence that our solutions deliver the performance demanded by building and sewage network operators.

  • Offers robust waste water solutions and expertise for residential, commercial, and municipal applications. Learn More

    Made in Germany since 1924, Jung Pumpen is a wastewater specialist that produces innovative pumping solutions. Our proven and reliable offering of products and services deliver performance and peace of mind to homeowners, building and sewage network operators.

  • A broad range of waste water disposal and water supply pumps for applications across multiple industries. Learn More
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    Myers range of pumps and solutions includes water well, sump, sewage and effluent pumps for the residential market, submersible grinders and solid handling solutions for the municipal market, and reciprocating pumps for the industrial market. Myers has been synonymous with quality pumps since 1870, and delivers a broad range of innovative and integrated water solutions.

    1. Learn more about Myers applications
  • Provides homeowners with a wide range of water treament soutions. Learn More

    Pelican Water was founded in 2007 with the goal of producing cutting-edge water filtration and water softening while providing the highest level of customer service. Pelican's innovative water systems are environmentally friendly because we believe that clean water should not come at the expense of a sustainable future.

    1. Learn more about Pelican Water Systems products
  • We offer the largest variety of the high performing water treatment products available. Learn More

    Whether it’s an undersink system or whole-house water softener, you can rest assured that our rigorously tested products stand up to Water Quality Association (WQA) and NSF International standards to remove impurities and provide clean, crisp-tasting water every time.

  • Replacement cartridges and cleaning products that service professionals and pool owners have come to rely on. Learn More
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    At Pleatco, we are committed to quality. As a trusted industry leader for replacement filter cartridges and cleaning products, we help pool and spa owners enjoy clearer water and, through it, peace of mind. The combined strength of our exclusive technologies delivers the high-performance filtration that service professionals and pool and owners have come to rely on.

  • An extensive line of pumps, filtration technologies and fluid accessories across multiple markets. Learn More
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    Shurflo is a trusted provider and partner of a broad range of filtration and fluid motion solutions. We work closely with our customers to solve challenging problems with our innovative technology and designs, superior customer service and technical expertise.

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    2. Learn More about our RV Applications
    3. Learn More about our Industrial Solutions
    4. Learn More about our Shurflo Foodservice applications
  • Offering a full range of solutions that simplify the whole operating process on water treatment plants. Learn More
    siata black valve and controller

    SIATA valves and controllers propose a full range of state-of-the-art solutions that simplify the process of designing, producing, operating and maintaining water treatment plants for filtration, softening or deionization.

    SIATA offers a broad range of multiport composite valves with service flow rates up to 35 m³/h and a complementary line of advanced professional controllers and accessories.

  • A leading supplier of residential water management products to meet all your water movement and storage needs. Learn More

    Backed by decades of knowledge and experience, Simer offers a complete product lineup to include sump pumps, utility pumps, sewage pumps,sprinkler pumps, well pumps, and tanks that provide consumers with great valuewithout compromising quality. Simer is available at various retail outlets,including large home improvement stores and smaller local hardware retailers.

    Learn moreabout Simer applications

  • Offers a broad selection of pumping solutions for the residential pool, water well and plumbing markets. Learn More

    Founded in 1934, Sta-Rite serves more than 100 countries globally. Our comprehensive product line, quality and reliability enables customers to deliver the water they need, when and where it's needed.

  • A global leader in hygienic and aseptic valve technology and process equipment for across multiple industries. Learn More

    ü峾 provides stainless steel hygienic and aseptic valves and fittings, complete manifolds and prefabricated units for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries.We focus on optimizing customers’ process safety to the maximum

    1. Learn more about ourü峾 applications

  • Global leader across multiple applications, ranging from residential to industiral applications. Learn More
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    Founded in 1954 as “Structural Fibers”, the company originally produced aircraft and defense components. That quickly changed when Structural developed a patented process that revolutionized the water treatment market by introducing small composite pressure vessels.

  • Leading global CO2 technology partner for innovative and eco-friendly bottling, brewing and gas manufacturers. Learn More

    Union Engineering designs and installs advanced and valuable CO2 technologies. Whether you are a small brewery, soft drink bottler, or gas company, we have technologies for the extraction, recovery or capturing of CO2. Our strong service program helps extend the life and profitability of your plant.

  • WellMate® composite tanks are the tank of choice in residential and commercial applications. Learn More
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    With more than 50 years experience in composite tank design and construction, WellMate® is the leader in innovative solutions for water storage and pressure-boosting applications. State-of-the-art winding equipment, the best materials and an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility guarantee that our one-piece composite construction is second to none; providing you with truly world class products that are certified to NSF/ANSI std. 61. Both our quick-connect and classic tanks demonstrate our commitment to making the best tanks in the industry.

  • Delivers world-class innovative membrane technology for the commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. Learn More
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    X-Flow helps equipment manufacturers, engineering and construction contractors to exceed customer expectations with advanced membrane technology in the most challenging conditions. X-Flow develops filtration technology that delivers high efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership.

    1. Learn more about our X-Flow Applications

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