Cleanload™ Systems

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Why Cleanload?

Hypro Cleanload Systems are designed to load chemicals safely and quickly into your sprayer tank.

  • Reduce your loading time with industry-leading eduction rates, so you can spend more of your day in the field spraying.
  • Eliminate potential hazards by no longer having to carry chemicals to the top of the sprayer tank. All liquid and dry flowable chemicals load from the ground level or nurse trailer floor.
  • Minimize exposure while handling dangerous chemicals.
  • Choose from multiple tank & eduction nozzle sizes that adapt to mobile or stationary systems and are scalable to fit your operations' needs.



Chemical Induction

With chemical induction, the chemical concentrate is pulled from the tank directly into the transfer pump and then pushed onto the sprayer. This operation requires you to turn the freshwater off and open the tank valve to drain the tank.


  • Flowable powders are prone to clogging the inlet of the pump
  • Abrasive or corrosive chemicals run through the transfer pump that can cause premature wear.

Chemical Eduction

The chemical eductor under the tank pulls the liquid from the hopper and mixes it into a jetted stream of water that is pushed onto the sprayer.


  • The jetted stream provides the proper mixing of chemicals by immediately placing it into a solution concentrate.
  • Extends the life of transfer pumps by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream from the pump.
suction inlet diagram

The chemical eductor is generally referred to as a jet pump. The pressurized liquid is “jetted” through the restricted throat area, creating a vacuum at the suction inlet, commonly known as the “Venturi Effect.” The mixed solution is then pushed out of the discharge.


Hypro Cleanload Systems are available in differing plumbing configurations that are unique and specific for chemical and transfer applications. Each provides a safer batch mixing and loading liquid and dry chemical processes. The guide below can help you make the right choice when selecting a Cleanload System for your application.

Application Sprayer System
(Cleanload System)
Nurse Trailer System
(Cleanload Max System)
Dry Flowable Powders X X
Liquid Chemicals X X
Container Rinse X X
Batch Volume X
Compatible with Chem - Blade X
Universal Flange Connections X X
Hinged Lid X X
Cyclo Rinse X X


Performance Chart for all Cleanload Models and Eductors

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