Industrial Filtration

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Taking the Tough Out of Tough-to-Treat Applications

Filtration helps many industrial operations through a wide variety of applications. We have the expertise and technology to provide quality filtration resources for a range of unique applications.

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Why Choose Industrial Filtration ?


Trusted Brands

Be confident in your filtration solution from our decades of experience with tough-to-treat, unique applications.


Supported Partners

Be empowered with helpful digital tools and programs to boost your business.


Global Footprint

Be reassured with our worldwide expertise and experience dealing with niche markets.

Food & Beverage

, offering expertise and innovative technology for the food & beverage industry.


Oil & Gas

,providing efficient separation and water treatment technologies critical to improving the process of turning crude oils into useful products while optimizing water management.

Advanced Filtration

and provide Membrane Filtration and Housing Solutions for demanding water treatment applications. We see it as our business to help secure access to the right water quality by delivering the right filtration solution and application expertise, anywhere and anytime.


Clean Air Systems

, global leaders in air purification and dust collection. We develop and produce quality parts, ranging from pulse jet valves, pilot enclosures, controllers, nozzles and emission monitors to certified and custom-engineered header tank solutions.

Engineered Filtration

specializes in high-tech separation technology for industrial, laboratory and medical markets. We can help you achieve excellence in these markets with our reliable filtration systems.


Professional Resources

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Want to Learn More?

Explore the different industrial filtration applications to see how Industrial Filtration Systems will work for you.

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